Partnership with Parents.

At Footprints we believe that as a parent is a child’s first educator and know their children best. Therefore, we know how important it is to have good communication with parents. By creating and maintaining positive relationships parents and families we can ensure we are meeting each child’s individual needs and supporting the family to the best of our ability.

We use a range of methods to communicate with parents, this could be an informal chat at the beginning and end of the day at drop off or collection to share any information about the child for the day. We encourage regular use of the parent link app, this gives parents instant interaction with us about their child’s day at nursery. We also hold parents’ evenings throughout the year, this gives parents a chance to talk about their child’s progress and express any concerns they have although we do encourage parents to express concerns at any time with their key person and not solely at parents’ evenings. However, we understand that parents can be very busy and may not always have the time to stay and talk to their child’s key person so in addition to these methods of communication we also use parent noticeboards, phone calls, emails, a closed Facebook page and we also send out termly newsletters.

We think that a child’s time with us at nursery during those early years should be fun, safe, exciting, positive and memorable therefore we take lots of pictures and complete observations to capture those times. We share this with parents through our online tracking system, we also use this to share a child’s daily activities and meals etc. Parents are then able to access this information through the app to see what their child has been enjoying that day at a glance.