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  • Our building provides a range of flexible learning areas both inside and out. CCTV cameras operate on all entrances and exits. These are monitored by the nursery receptionist.

    Inside play and learning areas

    Within each of the groups children are allowed to freely access the different areas provided. this not only gives each child opportunities to choose but supports the development of their decision making skills and facilitates independent learning, encouraging them to be active learners.

    Quality equipment is available to stimulate play, learning and development, meeting all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through this children become confident to explore and become independent within each learning environment. A variety of opportunities, including self-selection of resources and equipment are consistently provided and identified on the daily routine which is displayed in each nursery room.

    In addition to the nursery rooms we have access to larger rooms where children can take part in music and movement and physical activities.

    Outside play and learning areas

    Our outside area introduces aspects of natural resources therefore allowing the child to enjoy and achieve within the Early years Foundation Stage, developing health and well being. This is an important aspect of nursery life, providing confidence building opportunities, exploring, learning and enjoying nursery on a different level than when indoors, but offering a safe yet challenging environment.

    In addition we have an outside covered balcony area for the under 2's. This area provides the opportunity for the young babies to safely explore and play whilst in the fresh air.

    Regular access to outside areas

    All children access the outside play areas regularly on a timetabled and choice basis.

    Sensory room

    This valuable facility provides an opportunity for children in small groups, to relax in a stimulating environment which is fun, calming and supports the development of visual, hearing and touch senses.