Care, Learning & Development.

At Footprints we value each individual child and their developmental journey. We support this through high quality provision, encouragement and positive relationships with each child and their family.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS 2021), the curriculum for children and babies from birth up to five years old. There are three main areas;

and four specific areas;

These are all divided into age bands detailing children’s typical development at each age/stage. This is supported through providing children with choice of resources alongside a variety of planned stimulating activities and experiences to ensure a balance.

While we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage we also understand that each child is unique and develops at their own rate, therefore supporting all children of all abilities.

We encourage learning through play, by doing so children are more engaged therefore enhancing their learning experience. By playing alongside peers, children are able to improve their social skills, through these social interactions children are able to build upon their knowledge and learning. There are many theories emphasising the benefits of play for children’s cognitive development, for example Lev Vygotsky (1978) places emphasis on children’s learning and development being enhanced through engagement with peers or adults.

We like to encourage exploration and experimentation here at Footprints, we provide lots of opportunities for children to explore the environment and the world around them through a range of messy and sensory activities. We also encourage this when exploring the outdoor environment with areas such as the mud kitchen and the sand pit.

By promoting curiosity, choice and holistic learning, we hope to encourage a love of learning for each child in order to support their future. Therefore, setting a good foundation for progress and development with each step on their learning journey and future success.