Our Aim

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  • 'We care about every step your child makes' 

    To maintain an environment where:-

    • the needs of all children are paramount
    • each child is valued and appreciated for their individuality
    • activities and experiences are met through the child's personal requirements

    To play and provide encouragement for each child supporting their development of skills and interests, building a foundation for successful learning.

    To support children to gain a clear understanding of right and wrong and to encourage such qualities as honesty, responsibility and respect for each other.

    To work in close partnership with parents/carers, acknowledging their role as the child's first educators to enable us to provide each child with the best possible care, play and learning opportunities.

    Our child-centred approach allows children to progress and develop at their own individual pace and level.  Through planning we incorporatethe children's interests as the focus of their learning and care.

    To work within the guidelines and requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage and strive to see happy confident children who are prepared for the next step to Primary School.

    Our Local Offer

    Please see Our Local Offer HERE