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    Every child matters to us and we uphold an environment that is caring and warm; this is supported through our Key Person approach.  This approach is intent on supporting your child's health and emotional well-being, through building a positive and close relationship to your child and to you as a family.  We provide security, comfort and reassurance for your child and to you as a parent particularly during your childs settling in visit, prior to them starting nursery.  This has an impact on your child's achievements as they will feel confident to face the challenges presented within their learning environment without fear of failure, and knowing they have someone to go to for help and support.  Your child will have an individual 'Learning Journey' book which recognises and celebrates your child's talents and abilities.  The books highlight the developmental progress and support your child in making the next steps towards achieving the early learning goals. 

    We aim to maintain effective partnerships with parents and carers, where information is gained and shared about your child and continuous involvement in your child's learning is positively encouraged. 

    We comply with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, the overarching aim of which is to help young children achieve the five Every Child Matters Outcomes of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being. 

    We deliver a purposeful, play-based curriculum which balances adult-led and child-initiated activities, through which every child can achieve their maximum learning potential. 

    We incorporate cultural activities and experiences within the curriculum, to broaden children's knowledge and understanding, and to offer enjoyable learning opportunities that are inclusive to all. 

    Our continuous cycle of observation, assessment and planning highlights children's achievements and enables us to meet the needs for further support.